Contest Name Status Entries
Kimagure *Orange Road Contest Closed-On Vote 10/10
ABC DollZee Closed-On Vote 11/ 10
Inspired by Shee's Cafe art Saved for later  
Past Contests
Big Ribbon Closed 15/-- Awards
Inspired by Lullaby art Closed 5/-- Awards
Chibi-Angel (Base) edit Closed 8/-- Awards
Color Palette Contest Closed 4/-- Awards


General Rules:

1- You don't need to have a website to enter a contest.

2- The doll must be done by you, No frank doll or dolls maker!

3- The doll size is no bigger than 300x300.

4- It would be better if your entries are transparent GIF. If you don't know how to make it then send it as a BMP.

5- Animation is allowed, but don't make it too big

6- Send me your doll by e-mail at with this information's:

Your Name:

Your site URL (if you have one):

Base credits:

** If I didn't replay your e-mail please let me know in the tag board! because sometimes the (junk-mail filter) catch them ..

7- You can submit 3 entries.

That's all ^___________^ Good Luck!


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