Drawings Rules:

* All the drawings in the Drawings Sections are by me. You are not allowed to use them or copy them!! I hope you understand that this is an original work by me, and I don't give u the permission for using them!!

Pixel Art Rules:

1- You can adopt my dolls that are for adoption and insert the dolls in a adoptions page. But you must link me back! All the dolls are adoptable right now.

2- You can adopt 7 dolls but no more than that!

3- Don't use parts of my dolls to make yours! And don't remove the copyright from my dolls!

Bases Rules:

** If you want to use any of my bases, you must credit my site.

** You can change the color of the skin, eyes, lips and you are welcome to make new poses.

** Don't use parts of my bases to make your own!

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Name Wesam. (my name can be used for boys and girls but mostly for boys XD. It means a medal)

A picture of me when I was young, really young :P

Nikename Sozalina - Wisa - Witch ...

Sex Female

Birth 7 September 1980

Favorite Color Blue

Like Drawing - Cats - Animations - Manga - Collecting Artbooks and magazine - Traveling ...

Dislike War - Rude Children - People who harm animals ...

Favorite Anime I love so many anime ^^ . I'll write them later

Favorite Manga Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita) - Naoko Takeuchi's Works - Peach Girl Momo - Tsuki No Shippo (and many others I like) ...

Favorite Artists Akemi Takada - Inomata Mutsumi - Youko Hanabusa - Naoko Takeuchi - Minako Narita (and many many others I like) ...

Job Art Teacher in a school XD


My Web Sites:

My SUNFLOWER Anime & Manga Home Page

My Sunflower Art


Old Website


Old Layouts:

Pink Rose Layout   Swan Lake layout




Fan of:

Kimagura Orange Road   Lady Lady   3x3 Eyes   Lady Oscar   Voltes V   Battle Angel Alita (GUNNUM)   Ranma 1/2   Captain Tsubasa   Ultra Maniac   Marmalade Boy   Vampire Princess Miyu   Full Moon     Peach Girl   Hana Yuri Dango   Fancy Lala   The Big O   Spirited Away 

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